Valeria FASSIO

Valeria FASSIO
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Stadt Mailand
Land Italy

Valeria FASSIO

Technologiebereiche Electrical engineering
Data transmission protocols
Digital image processing
Semi-conductor devices
Micro and nanotechnologies
Audio-video devices

Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), 2009

Master of Sciences in Electronic Engineering, Polytechnic of Turin, 2005


Valeria FASSIO joined the profession in 2005 practicing for nine years in a leading IP specialised Italian firm, one year in an English firm and one year in an IP firm mainly dealing with a major licensing company. She has extensive practice in drafting and prosecuting European and Italian patent applications, as well as advising clients on prosecution outside Europe.


Valeria has experience in prior art searches and in counselling about patent infringement. She has also been involved in opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office, as well as patent litigation in Italy.


Valeria joined Lavoix in 2016.
Arbeitsbereiche ErteilungsverfahrenPatentstreitfälleCopyrightUnlauterer WettbewerbStrategieElektronik Elektrik Physik Mechanik
ZULASSUNGEN Vertreter vor dem Europäischen PatentamtItalian Patent AttorneyEuropean Design Attorney
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