"PCT Direct": Possibility to file informal comments on earlier search results when EPO is acting as PCT receiving Office and International Searching Authority


On 1 November 2014, the European Patent Office (EPO) launched a new service: “PCT direct”, which is available for international applications filed with the EPO as receiving Office on or after that date and for which EPO is receiving Office (RO) and International Searching Authority (ISA).

When filing an international application with the EPO as receiving Office and which is claiming priority from an earlier application already searched by the EPO, it is now possible to file a letter (”PCT direct letter”) including informal comments.

This letter aims at presenting arguments in response to the objections raised in the search opinion established by the EPO for the priority application, or at drawing the attention of the Examiner to amendments to the application documents, in particular to the claims, in comparison with the earlier application, and which have been introduced in order to overcome these objections.

This new service is thus interesting to avoid an international search report and a written opinion identical to those of the priority application.

Please feel free to contact us should you need further information on this new service or should you want a PCT direct letter to be filed together with your PCT application.

Contact: Céline BOURNEUF


Publication date : February 2015

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