LAVOIX's involvement in key Industrial Property market events.

PTMG - Autumn meeting
PTMG - Autumn meeting

5 -8 Octobre 2016
PTMG Autumn Conference (The Pharmaceutical Trade marks Group) in Oslo (Norway), participation of Béatrice DAUBIN.

VPP Autumn Meeting
VPP Autumn Meeting

27 - 28 Octobre 2016
VPP Autumn Meeting in Ulm (Germany), participation of Fabian LIEB.

Association of Intellectual Property Experts.

China IP and Innovation Summit
China IP and Innovation Summit

27 - 28 October 2016
China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 2016 in Shenzen (China), participation of David Millet.

"Recently China's Huawei and Samsung are in a raging patent fight, which is highly concerned by the world. Meanwhile being a global power in IP industry becomes one of the China national strategic goals. From the official documents issued by the China State Council, key topics like IP overseas portfolios, risk prevention & control, etc. are continuously mentioned. Under the background of fierce competition and government‘s full support, what will happen to the IP world after?" 

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