• Trademarks

A trademark is a sign that can be shown graphically and that is used to distinguish business's, products or services.

Our team of Intellectual Property attorneys and attorneys-at-law allows us to assist our clients in exercising their rights every step of the way, whether in pre-litigation, arbitration or disputes.

LAVOIX offers, in particular, the following services:


  • Prior art searches,

  • Trademark portfolio management optimization,

  • Definition of your filing strategy in terms of territories covered and protection tools,

  • Research on the global distinctiveness of the trademark (signs, figures, slogans, etc.)

  • Trademark monitoring,

  • Preparation of technical wording for filing,

  • Examination procedure monitoring,

  • Renewal procedure monitoring,

  • Content watch on websites and the media (illegal use of your trademarks),

  • Various filings with national, international foreign registries of all types (ownership transfer, change of name/address, licenses, pledges, coexistence agreements, etc.),

  • Evaluation of your trademarks (licenses, etc.),

  • Opposition procedures,

  • Pre-litigation and disputes (formal notice letter, bailiff summonses, bailiff notices, counterfeit seizures, assignments, etc.).



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