LAVOIX, which was founded in 1898, has just celebrated 115 years of existence and working to accompany researchers, businesses, and institutions in the protection and defense of their intellectual property rights.

The teams dedicated to Intellectual Property are located in France in Paris, Lille, Rennes, Lyon, Toulouse and Grenoble, as well as in Germany in Munich.

With nearly 200 IP professionals, including 80 lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, engineers and jurists, LAVOIX is the leading player completely dedicated to industrial property (IP) in France.

The majority of the LAVOIX experts are Patent and Trademark Attorneys or European Trademark, Design and Model Attorneys. LAVOIX also has English, German and Japanese patent attorneys in its ranks.

Our experts are also active in the main national and international associations in the field (Members of the Finance Advisory Committee of the AIPPI, Member of the Board of Directors of the LES, the IPO, members of the INTA, the APEB, the PTMG, the ACPI, etc.) and regularly participate in conferences dedicated to Intellectual Property throughout the world.

LAVOIX Japanese Desk - LAVOIX ジャパンデスク

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