LAVOIX was founded on 10 January 1898 WHEN ANTOINE Lavoix and Louis Moses created the International Office of Patents LAVOIX and MOSES at 7 rue de Châteaudun in Paris.

Lavoix and Moses put their skill and methodical approach to the benefit of the protection of technical inventions. Their clientele included such great names in the history of French industry as Professor Edouard Branly, the Serpollet brothers and the Peugeot brothers.

On 1 February 1909,  the offices were transferred to 2 place d’Estienne d’Orves (formerly 2 rue Blanche) beside the great church of Ste Trinité, where they remain to this day.

In 1940, a branch office was established in Lyon.

In 1942, the firm was renamed “Cabinet LAVOIX”; and after the war, the firm recommenced full operation and thrived in the wake of rapid advances in industry.

In 1948, on its fiftieth anniversary, the firm had over 30 employees, and continued to increase in size thanks to the development of industry in the fields of chemistry, life sciences, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

In the early 2000s, the firm had over 150 employees, including intellectual property attorneys, technology specialists and lawyers.

In 2007, the firm was affiliated with JP Colas, a patent and trademark firm specialized in electronics. The same year, LAVOIX opened a new office in Toulouse.

In October 2008, LAVOIX formed an alliance with the law firm Binn & Associates, specialized in intellectual property and contract law. This merger has allowed LAVOIX, one of the oldest and largest French patent and trademark law firms, to become the premier French full service provider in Intellectual Property. The same year, Managing IP, the international IP journal, ranked LAVOIX as the top French Industrial Property firm of 2008.

In January 2009, LAVOIX opened a new office in Munich (Germany), and continued its regional expansion in France with the opening of an office in Rennes (2011).
At the same time, LAVOIX was certified ISO 9001:2008 for all its offices and activities in Intellectual Property.

In April 2011, LAVOIX received the Managing IP award for best French Industrial Property firm for the second time. A great accolade for the teams at LAVOIX, rewarding not only their daily commitment to their clients, but also the firm’s ability to adapt to new challenges in the economy.


In May 2012, LAVOIX launched the first edition of the Intellectual Property Barometer, aimed at analyzing trends in Intellectual Property (IP) practices in French companies and public sector entities.


In April 2013, LAVOIX’s know-how and expertise were once again recognized when the firm received Managing IP’s French Industrial Property firm of the year award in London.


In September 2013, LAVOIX opened a new office in Lille in response to the growing demand of local clients. After Lyon,Toulouse and Rennes, LAVOIX has strengthened its national presence, in particular for companies with development strategies in the North of France and Benelux.


In March 2014, the leading international IP magazine recognized once more LAVOIX as top law firm of the year for its work at the European Patent Office.


In October 2014, LAVOIX opened a new office in Grenoble.


In March 2015, LAVOIX once more recognized France prosecution IP firm of the Year. This trophy, the fourth since 2008, rewards the intellectual property firm of the year which has excelled in client relations, innovation and leadership.


In 2016, LAVOIX opened two new offices, one in Nantes in September and another one in Nice in October.


In January 2017, LAVOIX opened a new office in Milan, Italy. Thus, LAVOIX will go beyond its practice of French, German and European IP law.

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