Founded in 1898, LAVOIX is fully dedicated to intellectual property (IP).


LAVOIX has currently close to 200 Intellectual Property professionals including 80 attorneys-at-law intellectual property attorneys, technology specialists and lawyers, making it one of the leading IP firms in Europe. 

With offices in Paris, Lyon, Rennes,Toulouse and Lille, LAVOIX covers all areas of France. LAVOIX is also present outside France with an office in Munich and a large network of partner offices around the world.

What are LAVOIX’s main strengths?

Three main strengths differentiate LAVOIX:


First of all, professional excellence :


  • Our Intellectual Property professionals are graduates of the best law schools and technical universities
  • Our senior attorneys offer ongoing training and supervision to our trainees to ensure continuity of service
  • We hold ISO 9001:2008 certification for all IP activities.

The firm is regularly ranked top tier in its field by global directories. LAVOIX professionals take part in a wide variety of IP events as panelists and lecturers.

Secondly, experience :


  • On the strength of its sheer size and proven track record, LAVOIX has developed comprehensive expertise in handling the most complex files and in meeting the most demanding requests.

Finally, the client relationship :


  • From taking responsibility for a case from A-Z to performing specific assignments, LAVOIX’s assistance is tailored to the requirements of its clients and their internal organisation.
  • We have been working with some of our clients and foreign associates for decades.
  • We carry out regular satisfaction surveys to constantly improve the quality of our services.
LAVOIX Japanese Desk - LAVOIX ジャパンデスク

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