A diverse client base

  • LAVOIX’s size, long history and geographical spread have allowed it to build an extensive client base of small, medium and large private companies and public sector entities.

Full IP coverage

  • LAVOIX‘s legal expertise covers all legal aspects of Intellectual Property (patent rights, trademark rights, domain names, designs, copyright…) and related areas of law (competition law, new technology law, etc.).

Coverage of a wide range of sectors

  • LAVOIX’s professionals (attorneys-at-law, industrial property attorneys, technology specialists,  and lawyers) are experts in all fields of industry and technology:

    • Traditional industries such as defense, safety, aeronautics, space technologies, mechanics, metallurgy, physics, mineral and organic chemistry, chemical engineering, electro technics, electronics, pharmaceuticals,

    • New technology such as biotechnology or information technologies (internet, software, telecommunications…),

    • Services (tourism, financial services and insurance, education, publishing…).

LAVOIX Japanese Desk - LAVOIX ジャパンデスク

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