INPI recognizes 2 LAVOIX clients at the INPI Innovation Awards 2012

LAVOIX is pleased to announce the distinction achieved by two of its clients at the Trophées INPI de l’Innovation 2012 (INPI Innovation Awards 2012) in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

XEDA International and Capsum have been rewarded for their dynamic policies in regards to innovation and industrial property. As an Industrial Property Law Firm and Consultancy LAVOIX is proud to provide support and advice to these two companies who were able to leverage their IP to drive development. We encourage them to continue their policies that are largely facilitating the current solidification of their positions in France and abroad.


XEDA INTERNATIONAL (13): World leader in the field of post-harvest treatment products and equipment for fruits and vegetables, XEDA INTERNATIONAL focuses its activity on chemical and phytosanitary (plant health) products for the treatment and protection of fruits and vegetables, as also on machinery and equipment for packaging, sorting, grading and labelling of harvested foodstuffs. Having a presence on four continents through its subsidiaries and distributors, the company is constantly growing, with export turnover, representing 38% of total revenues. Finally, an industrial property portfolio that is loaded with patents and trademarks ensures it a dominant position in many of its sectors of operation.


CAPSUM (13): Created in September 2008, this small-medium enterprise (SME) of 24 people is the first company in the world to commercialise products derived from the truly disruptive technologies of microfluidic and millifluidic processes, notably enabling the elimination of alcohol in perfumes. Linked in with partnerships around the world (98% of its turnover comes from exports) through its encapsulation techniques, and after having achieved financial equilibrium in 2009, Capsum has doubled its sales turnover and tripled its workforce in just three years of existence. It particularly relies on its portfolio of already acquired IP (6 patents, 3 trade marks) to maintain its technological edge that allows it to offer its clients bespoke encapsulation techniques.


Trophées INPI de l’Innovation (INPI Innovation Awards): SMEs who leverage industrial property in their growth and development strategy demonstrate better economic performance than others. This is the dimension that the INPI singles out for recognition each year through its Innovation Awards that reward SMEs and SMIs for their policies in respect of innovation and industrial property, as well as research organisations and laboratories who have used industrial property to advantage to enhance their R & D endeavours. The regional winners of the INPI Innovation Awards are selected from among enterprises – up to 1000 employees - and research organisations on the basis of a list drawn up by a regional award nomination panel and unsolicited applications. All regional winners then compete in the national finals for the Awards. The national winners are thus chosen from among the SMEs - SMIs and research organisations who are awardees at the regional level.



  • Publication date: November 2012
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