IP Barometer survey™ - 2013 Edition

In 2013, for the second consecutive year, LAVOIX conducted the IP Barometer survey, a major study on Intellectual Property (IP) practices.

For this second edition, 116 IP professionals answered more than 60 questions relating in particular to the various aspects of their business activities and the challenges they face within their companies.


In 2012, the IP Barometer indicated that the challenge facing IP Managers was twofold (the issue of recognition on one hand and an operational challenge on the other). This year, the results of the second edition of the survey not only confirm but also reinforce this observation.


Indeed, recognising and understanding the role of IP is still a major issue according to the analysis of this study's data. The 2013 Barometer survey respondents indicate that it is important to raise decision-makers’ and business line managers’ awareness of IP and the average scores are slightly higher than in 2012:


Average score (1 - 4)

2013 Barometer

2012 Barometer

Raising awareness of decision-makers on IP challenges



Raising awareness of business line managers on IP challenges




Naturally, respondents still consider the operational challenge to be crucial, as the management of corporate IP risks has evolved considerably. The score is significantly higher in 2013 than in 2012. Clearly, the operational challenge is also greater:


  • 2013 Barometer:

Manage the company's IP risks, including financial risks (freedom to use, etc.): 3.3/4


  • 2012 Barometer:

Manage the company's IP risks, including financial risks (freedom to use, etc.): 3.1/4


However, a new challenge arose in 2013: the optimisation of resources dedicated to IP and their alignment with the company's strategy.


This new challenge means IP managers must adapt their budget, workforce and/or IP portfolio to the company's strategy and, in parallel, optimise the IP budget.


While cost control is important to IP managers, IP budgets have not been sacrificed despite the economic crisis. Only 19.1% of companies have reduced their budget, and 37% say they have increased it. "This is the first sign that IP is playing an increasingly greater role in corporate strategies in France," according to Philippe Blot, Chairman of LAVOIX.


This is also confirmed by how well the strategic role of IP is perceived by companies. Although the level of perception is still low (scoring less than 7 out of 10), an increase was seen this year. IP managers assign an average score of 6.5 out of 10 to this level, an increase of 0.7 points in comparison to the average score in 2012.


In conclusion, the role of the IP manager and the perception of this role within companies seem to be slowly acquiring a more strategic dimension in the context of increasingly heavy business demands.


What is the IP Barometer?


Intellectual Property (IP) has become a true strategic asset for businesses. Therefore, the role of IP managers and the challenges they face are changing significantly, in particular in terms of IP management and interaction with other departments in the company, but also in terms of direct reporting lines.


To help IP managers optimise their activity, LAVOIX decided to create this IP Barometer in 2012. Its objectives are:

  • To provide IP managers with information and tools to improve IP management,
  • To promote IP among corporate players and optimise relations with both internal stakeholders (senior management) and external stakeholders.


IP Barometer methodology:


The IP Barometer questionnaire was available online at www.barometredelapi.com from 11 February to 24 March 2013, and sent by email to more than 800 IP Managers in France and to the 4,000 members of the French association of corporate lawyers (Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprise).


The questionnaire was self-administered online according to the CAWI method (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing). All of the respondents were IP managers in private and public entities at the time of the survey. The answers are strictly anonymous.


LAVOIX is the leading firm fully dedicated to Intellectual Property (IP) in France. With close to 200 IP professionals, including 80 attorneys-at-law, IP attorneys, technology specialists and lawyers, LAVOIX covers all types of IP law (patents, trade marks, designs, copyrights and domain names) across all economic and technical sectors.


Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise: The AFJE's membership includes 4,000 corporate lawyers from 1,300 businesses. It is the leading professional association of corporate lawyers in France, with a structured, active network that provides training and career management services and represents the profession vis-à-vis public authorities.



Lionel DESCHAUX, Marketing, Communication and Business Development Manager


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  • Publication date: May 2013
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