Tailor-made IP dedicated training

LAVOIX offers its clients tailor-made training courses related to industrial property in order to:


  • meet the specific needs of each client and
  • raise the awareness of each employee, regardless of their position or level of knowledge, to the fundamentals of IP and at all stages of the life of a patent or trademark.

Our sessions cover the major themes of IP in terms of patents, trademarks, designs, data protection and contracts. Specific sessions on transversal themes can be organized upon request and adapted to the level of knowledge of the audience concerned. Our trainers combine theoretical presentations and practical cases to ensure comprehensive training.


LAVOIX has been a training organization since 1999 (approval number: 11-75-31773-75) and has been Datadock certified since 2017. As such, LAVOIX manages all administrative aspects (convocation, enrolment).


As our training courses are available to people with disabilities, we remain at your disposal to answer your questions should you have special requests.


The proposed training courses can be delivered on the customer's premises, or by video-conference. We carry out a so-called "hot" evaluation of the training courses to ensure the satisfaction of our participants and to constantly improve our modules and the accompanying materials.




  • Your benefits
  • Our assets
  • Customized training adapted to your company
  • A certified training organization for your training plan
  • Multi-site training
  • Experienced trainers in numerous seminars and IP courses
  • Training materials

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