An Intellectual Property right is an intangible asset for its owner and is of paramount importance for a company as it is generally the basis for its dominance on a given market and/or for continued profitability.

Highlighting the value of its assets is essential in order to maximise an organisation’s profitability, maintain its market position or even negotiate licenses.

LAVOIX assists its clients in valuing their rights by:


  • Enforcing their IP rights through pre-litigation, litigation, arbitration or amicable settlement,
  • Evaluating their intangible assets, particularly with a view to assignments or licenses,
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts.
  • Your Benefits
  • Our Strengths
  • Securing a monopoly,
  • Valuing their IP rights through license or assignment,
  • Damages in the event of infringement,
  • High return on R&D and marketing investments.
  • Attorneys-at-laws with experience in both litigation and licensing,
  • Skilled teams in all technical fields,
  • LAVOIX's general experience increating value from IP rights (more than 100 consultations and more than 80 new lawsuits per year worldwide).
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