LAVOIX assists its clients in patenting their inventions.

LAVOIX is in a position to offer its clients a solid team of specialists with scientific expertise in the technical field of the invention to be patented.

To support or complement this team, LAVOIX provides its clients with an integrated research and monitoring team to optimise patent protection, an experienced administrative support team to ensure efficient and fast processing from filing through to the payment of annuities, and specialised attorneys-at-law in the event of litigation proceedings opened by or against its clients.


In addition, LAVOIX offers its clients two innovative management tools, IP DATA² (online portfolio management) and EasySTAMP (online time-stamping).


LAVOIX offers the following patent services in particular:


  • Prior art searches,
  • Patentability studies,
  • Definition of filing strategies,
  • Preparation of patent applications,
  • Filings, conducting patent examination proceedings, grant and maintenance in France and abroad,
  • Procedures related to Supplementary Protection Certificates - or SCPs - for medicines,
  • Registrations,
  • Opposition procedures,
  • Audits (due diligence),
  • Pre-litigation and litigation,
  • Optimisation of patent portfolio management,
  • Evaluations,
  • Opinions on specific legal issues (e. g. freedom-to-operate studies).
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