The optimal management of an intellectual property rights portfolio depends on a clearly defined strategy, adapted to the needs of the company and in line with the market in which it evolves.

LAVOIX assists its clients in optimising their IP strategy. Considering its current importance in the economy, IP needs to be given careful consideration and to become a strategic axis of differentiation for a company.

A company should now  develop an IP strategy that takes into account its technical, financial and human resources. To do so, it must assess its state of play to identify a coherent IP strategy and integrate it into its global strategy.


LAVOIX offers:


  • Audit of IP rights portfolio and IP management,
  • Assistance in formally defining an IP strategy,
  • Assistance in defining an IP policy and the corresponding procedures,
  • IP training for company employees,
  • Study of employee-related aspects (inventions and creations by employees) and tax-related matters.
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  • Our Strengths
  • Knowledge of the risks they are exposed to,
  • Optimised market access.
  • Integrated teams of industrial property attorneys and attorneys-at-law with expertise in all legal and economic aspects of intellectual property rights,
  • A reactive research and monitoring service for all patent, trademark, design and model applications worldwide.
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