To take full advantage of its intellectual property rights, it is essential for a company to have a thorough knowledge of its environment and particularly of its competitors’ IP activity.

LAVOIX helps its clients monitor and evaluate the IP activity of their competitors.

To better understand their competitive environment and thus avoid any infringement of their IP rights, LAVOIX offers its clients the following services:


  • Technology intelligence, particularly of patents and patent applications,
  • Patent prosecution monitoring,
  • Monitoring of trademarks, domain names, corporate names and trade names,
  • Mapping of IP portfolio,
  • Translation of third parties’ patents.

These monitoring services are tailored according to our clients’ needs and IP rights. We are able to adapt to any specific request regarding patents, trademarks, designs or models.


Our research department, made up of experts in database queries, enables us to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our research team is not limited in its scope of research and can cover all economic and technical fields.


Click here for more information on the LAVOIX Research Department and team details.


In addition, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of attorneys-at-law and industrial property attorneys, LAVOIX assists its clients in their fight against the counterfeiting of their trademarks or patents by setting up, for example, in collaboration with customs, a programme for monitoring the potentially infringing products. Click here to download a detailed presentation of this service.

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  • Insight into the activity and strategy of their competitors,
  • Anticipation of their competitors’ actions,
  • Identifying risks and opportunities in their market,
  • Opportunity to oppose competitors’ exclusive rights or to design around them.
  • Specialists in searches and monitoring,
  • Analysis of search results by the firm’s professional staff,
  • Expertise in all technical fields.
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