LAVOIX assists its clients in managing their intellectual property related litigations.

With professionals including industrial property attorneys and attorneys-at-law, LAVOIX is able to deal with all Intellectual Property related disputes or litigations, whether they relate to trademarks, patents, software, designs and models, domain names, copyright, databases, know-how, etc.

The complementary nature of industrial property attorneys and attorneys-at-law also allows us to offer a comprehensive strategy from filing through to potential proceedings, whether before offices and courts, for arbitration or mediation, and to use the numerous opportunities under contract law to value the intellectual property rights of our clients.


This makes it possible to tailor integrated teams (Industrial Property attorneys and attorneys-at-law), working in synergy to deal with pre-litigation and litigation related matters so as to:


  • Improve the protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights,
  • Act against identified acts of infringement by blocking distribution of the infringing goods, obtaining their destruction, and seeking legal compensation for the damages suffered by our clients,
  • Represent clients before the international Intellectual Property offices (INPI, EPO, EUIPO, WIPO, etc.),
  • Represent clients before any court to defend their intellectual property rights.

Our industrial property attorneys and attorneys-at-law also advise on the amicable resolution of conflicts and can represent our clients in any action brought against them.

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