Intellectual property (IP) includes all of the rights granted for intellectual creations.

Intellectual Property rights include patents, trademarks, models and domain names which grant their holder a monopoly over the latter and constitute intangible assets which can be valued. They allow their holders to differentiate their products and services and develop a unique branding.

Globalization, the development of the services sector, new information and communication technologies, and the rapid expansion of biotechnologies have launched the economy into the age of knowledge.


Intellectual Property rights play a major role in this. They are becoming increasingly numerous and complex to manage. Today they are a key, if not vital, asset in a business’s development strategies.


It may sometimes be difficult to manage Intellectual Property rights within a business due to the lack of a dedicated department, lack of personnel, lack of dedicated tools, difficulty in paying inventors, etc.


The attorneys-at-law, patent and trademark attorneys and technology specialists at LAVOIX have the requisite experience and technical expertise to advise on all Intellectual Property issues.

LAVOIX has made it its mission to meet the challenges of:

  • Protecting its clients’ creations and innovations,
  • Developing its clients’ Intellectual Property rights,
  • Defending its clients faced with competitors’ rights,
  • Optimizing its clients’ Intellectual Property strategy,
  • Monitoring the Intellectual Property activity of its clients’ competitors.


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