Founded in 1898, LAVOIX covers all areas of Intellectual Property (IP). With nearly 200 professionals dedicated to Intellectual Property, including 80 lawyers, industrial property attorneys, technology specialists and lawyers, LAVOIX is one of the leading European firm in the field of Intellectual Property.

Established in France with 8 offices in Paris and in different French regions, LAVOIX also has offices in Germany, Munich and Italy, in Milan. LAVOIX's presence also extends internationally with a network of partner agents around the world.



One, united, and ambitious interprofessional team:


  • Regardless of the geographic location, the practice area or the industry sector concerned,
  • Coming from the best technical and legal fields,
  • Where the most senior associates train and supervise the youngest,

A team fully dedicated to its clients:


  • Able to adapt to every need or internal organization, from complete care to targeted intervention,
  • With a thorough knowledge of each client's industry sectors,
  • With the willingness and curiosity to discover any new and innovative sector,
  • Always improving its offerings and services, especially by running an annual customer satisfaction survey,
  • Able to offer a loyal network of local correspondents around the world,
  • Driven by the desire to provide long-term support to its clients,

A team motivated by professional excellence:


  • With a unique experience in IP matters, including its size, history and the particularly varied backgrounds of its members,
  • Capable of handling the most complex cases and responding to the most demanding requests,
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for all its IP activities and for all its offices.

Thus, LAVOIX is regularly recognized as an innovative and dynamic IP actor.


The firm has received numerous awards from international peer-reviewed journals and our IP professionals are regularly invited to participate and speak at major IP-related events around the world.

  • LAVOIX - WTR1000
  • LAVOIX - Legal500
  • LAVOIX - IPStars
  • LAVOIX - Patent1000
Certification ISO 9001:2008 applicable to all the IP attorney activities and for all its offices.