EasySTAMP: Document time-stamping

Your challenges

You wish to establish a definitive creation date for a document (article, publication, technical file, plan…) and ensure its long-term preservation, particularly in order to establish its anteriority.


LAVOIX is pleased to invite you to discover its online timestamping tool, EasySTAMP, which allows you to date an electronic document via a secure extranet site, a reliable solution replacing the more traditional means of proof used up to now (SOLEAU envelopes or sealed envelopes).


A functional online time stamping tool combining:

  • Reliability: With EasySTAMP, you upload the document(s) to be timestamped. During the upload, a digital fingerprint of your document is taken and sent to a certified timestamping authority which generates a timestamping token containing the fingerprint of your document and the exact date and time of timestamping.
  • User-friendly: EasySTAMP allows you to timestamp your documents with ease and at any time, regardless of their format (.doc, .pdf, .msg, .zip, etc.) up to 45 MB. The tool is accessible online via a secure extranet (IPDATA2).
  • Traceability: As soon as you have timestamped a document, you will receive an email containing a confirmation token. Your timestamped documents can be viewed in our databases. The timestamping authority conserves timestamping tokens for a period of 10 years.
  • Security: Only the digital fingerprint of your document, which is unique, is transmitted to the timestamping authority. Moreover, your timestamped documents are conserved in our databases, guaranteeing their security.

Searching for a time stamped document:

Our IPDATAplatform allows you to configure the additional information you wish to associate with your timestamped documents.

A search interface enables you to search for the timestamped documents on our IPDATA2 platform on the basis of the related additional associated information (author(s), creator(s), summary, etc.).


Your timestamped document, the timestamping token, any additional information and a timestamp certificate are kept in our databases and can be viewed on the IPDATA2 platform.


Authentication of a time stamped document:

LAVOIX is able to verify the timestamping of a document in order to establish its integrity and have its existence date certified.


This verification can be carried out by requesting a certificate from the timestamping authority or by conducting the verification online or at the premises of the timestamping authority, under the supervision of a bailiff.


Legal validity:

LAVOIX has chosen to offer you an online document timestamping system, EasySTAMP, which uses the same timestamping authority as the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the French tax authorities and several other administrative bodies.


Legally, a timestamping token has probative value as from the time of its issue by a timestamping authority in accordance with the standardised technical and legal protocols relating to timestamping services (which is the case for EasySTAMP). The timestamping token protects against any objection relating to the content of a file and its issue or reception date. It makes it possible to certify that a file has not been modified between the date on which it was timestamped and the date on which it is checked.


The timestamping token is in fact a file made by linking the digital fingerprint (hash) and a date and time provided by a reliable time source, all of which is electronically signed by the timestamping authority. Since the fingerprint of each document is unique, by comparing a file with a “hash” it is possible to check that they correspond exactly and, therefore, that the file existed in its current form at the date on which the token was issued. The timestamping authority’s electronic signature seals the token and prevents any modification.


In the event of a dispute, the timestamped file can be authenticated using the verification procedure on the timestamping authority’s website. This verification procedure leads to the issue of a second token, for comparison with the first timestamping token, thereby showing that the file in question is the same. Such verification procedure can be followed either by or under the supervision of a bailiff, or by LAVOIX or yourself directly.


Technical framework and time stamping standards:

We defer to a timestamping authority which complies with RFC 3161, TS101456, CWA norms and standards. Furthermore, this timestamping authority is synchronised with an atomic clock.



To activate EasySTAMP or for further information, please contact us at easystamp@lavoix.eu.


Click here to download the presentation form of our EasySTAMP tool.


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