Ranking of patent law firms filing PCT applications - LAVOIX maintains leading position

As every year, the magazine MIP (Managing Intellectual Property) has published its ranking of patent law firms filing PCT applications.


Having been ranked 4th last year in Europe, this year, LAVOIX rises to the 2nd rank with 366 PCT filings. In France, LAVOIX remains at the top with 362 PCT filings.


You might recall that LAVOIX has been ranked first in France for the fourth consecutive year, with 317 PCT filings in 2010, 345 in 2011, and 332 in 2012.


These results stimulate our efforts to satisfy our client's expectations with respect to international patent protection.


Managing Intellectual Property


LAVOIX is a leading European firm fully dedicated to IP.
With nearly 200 IP professionals including 80 attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and technology specialists, LAVOIX assists its clients in every aspect of IP rights (patents, trademarks, models, domain names, copyright…) in any business or technological sector.




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  • Publication date: 10月 2013
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