October 2011: LAVOIX is still the leading French Firm in ranking of PCT Filers

The journal M.I.P (Managing Intellectual Property) has recently published its yearly ranking of firms filing international (PCT) patent applications.

LAVOIX is the leading filer of PCT applications in France, with 345 applications filed in 2011. LAVOIX was likewise ranked first in 2010, with 317 PCT filings.

LAVOIX is ranked 4th PCT filer in Europe, and is 23rd worldwide out of 180 firms listed.

"These figures demonstrate the professionalism of the LAVOIX team and our capacity to manage a large portfolio of PCT applications, and reinforce our position as a force to be reckoned with in Europe, and on the world stage. I want to thank our clients for their confidence continually renewed.", says Philippe Blot, President of LAVOIX.

  • Publication date: 4月 2012
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