Algeria signed the Madrid Agreement on 5 July 1972 and was the last of the 95 members of the Madrid System to join the Protocol, which it did on 31 July 2015, the date on which the government of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria filed its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement with the Director General of the WIPO.

The Protocol entered into force for Algeria on 31 October 2015, transforming the Madrid System into a single treaty system.


What is the impact of this accession and of the transformation of the Madrid System into a single treaty system?

  • The holder of a trademark from a country that joined only the Protocol, such as the European Union, may now include Algeria in its international registration application.
  • The holder of a trademark from a country that joined both the Agreement and the Protocol, such as France, may base its international registration application on a trademark application and no longer only on a registered trademark.
  • From a more general perspective, all international registrations are governed exclusively by the Madrid Protocol, which simplifies the filing and management of international registrations.


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  • Publication date: 11月 2015
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