Validation in Cambodia on the basis of a Chinese patent

Since March 28th, 2018, it is possible to validate a Chinese patent in Cambodia.


  • Condition of validation of a Chinese patent in Cambodia

The agreement is only available for Chinese patents, while the utility models and design patents are not covered by the current cooperation.


The validation request must satisfy the following two conditions :

1) The Chinese patent must be in proper order ; and

2) The filing date of the Chinese patent must be after January 22nd, 2003


  • Documents required for validation include

- a registration form

- a certified copy of the patent and a certificate of the patent register issued by SIPO, and

- a patent document in Khmer, which can be filed within 6 months of validation


  • The process for a registration


- It will take 20 days

- The MIH performs only the formal examination


However, if there is an irregularity in the request :


- The applicant must take a correction within two months

- Then, the MIH must assign the patent number and issue the patent certificate

- The application may be made at any time after the grant of the Chinese patent


  • Term of protection


The term of protection for validation is 20 years from the Chinese filing date.



Validation is only one-sided - SIPO, in turn, does not accept validation of Cambodian patents.



  • Publication date: 7月 2018
  • によって : Céline BERNARDI
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