New trademark legislation in Grenada:

Grenada, a member of the Commonwealth, has enacted new legislation in the field of trademarks. The Trademark Act (2012) entered into force and superseded the United Kingdom Trade Marks Act, Ch. 284, which dated from 1939. Trademark registrations under the prior law continue to have the same effect as if they had been registered under the new law.


Opening of ".chine" extensions in Chinese characters:

Starting on 16 September 2012, the Chinese domain name registry (CNNIC) opened the extension ".chine" in simplified and traditional Chinese characters to ASCII registrations (current digital encoding standard: "a - z", "0 - 9", and "-"). Until then, it had only been possible to register such domain names in Chinese characters. Now, it will be possible to reserve Chinese domain names in Latin characters, numbers, or including a hyphen.


Pakistan launches a PME initiative:

The Pakistani Intellectual Property Office and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDA) of Pakistan have launched a new initiative seeking to promote the use of intellectual property. In fact, the SMEs represent more than 90% of the commercial activity in the country, and play a vital role in the economic development of the country.

Such an action implies the creation in the country of key centres that seek to provide businesses and establishments with the information required in order to protect their intellectual property.

  • Publication date: 11月 2012
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