Protect your inventions with patents

Lavoix provides you with teams whose expertise spans many technical fields.

We file more than 4000 patent applications per year worldwide.

A patent will protect an invention and prevent competitors from using it.

Patent services include all the issues encountered by clients:

  • Prior art search

  • Patentability research

  • Defining the filing strategy

  • Preparing patent applications

  • Filings, tracking examination procedures, granting and maintaining patents in France and abroad

  • Optimising patent portfolio management

  • Procedures related to Supplementary Protection Certificates – or SPCs – for medicines

  • Registration

  • Oppositions

  • Pre-litigation and litigation

  • Audits (due diligences)

  • Valuation

  • Consultations on specific legal issues (e.g. freedom to operate research),

Our specialists

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