Protection of personal Data

Digital transformation and the personal data that goes with it

Lavoix’s team of lawyers can assist you in ensuring that your activities are compliant with personal data law and in particular with the GDPR.

LAVOIX’s comprehensive support covers the following areas:

  • Audits of personal data processing
  • Website audits
  • Information notices and personal data collection forms
  • Maintaining the register of processing operations
  • Contracts
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Binding corporate rules
  • Impact assessments
  • Staff awareness and training

  • CNIL (French data privacy regulator) disputes and court litigation

Lavoix’s team of lawyers can also assist you as an external DPO


  • Global project manager ensuring the effective implementation of your GDPR compliance plan

  • Professional skills in law and data protection


  • Inform and advise

  • Oversee compliance with the GDPR

  • Cooperate with supervisory authorities

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