The EPO’s Rules relating to Fees have been amended by decision of the Administrative Council of 15 December 2021. The amended version of the Rules relating to Fees is applicable as from 1 April 2022.

An evaluation of the fee adjustments indicates a general increase of about 2.5% for most fees.

Raised fees concern in particular the fees for:

– Filing fee (EP regional phase) : 130 EUR (increased by 5 EUR),
– Filing fee (direct EP application) : 130 EURO (increased by 5 EUR),
– Search fee : 1390 EUR (increased by 40 EUR),
– Designation fee: 630 EUR (increased by 20 EUR),
– Examination fee: 1750 EUR (increased by 50 EUR),
– Opposition fee: 840 EUR (increased by 25 EUR),
– Appeal fee: 2785 EUR (increased by 80 EUR),
– Grant fee (not more than 35 pages): 990 EUR (increased by 30 EUR)
– Grant fee (more than 35 pages): 990 EUR (increased by 30 EUR) plus 16 EUR for the 36th and each subsequent page (increased by 1 euro).

As a consequence, in case procedural steps for EPO patents or patent applications are due in mid-2022 or in case you wish to use any of the EPO’s services concerned by the fee raise, it can be worthwhile to take the necessary steps so that the respective fee can be paid before 1 April 2022.

For more details on the new fee schedule, it may be referred to the corresponding communication from the EPO available under :

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