The Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) adopted new WIPO Standard ST.26, which represents nucleotide and amino acid sequences listings in XML, replacing WIPO Standard ST.25.

The representation of sequence listings in XML format rather than TXT format intends to improve access to international sequence databases. The new standard further harmonizes sequence listing practice among patent offices and requires mandatory annotation of additional sequence types (nucleotide analogues, D-amino acids, branched sequences), so that more sequence data will be searchable.

The filing date (not the priority date) is the reference date that determines if the new ST.26 rules apply. Refiling a sequencing listing when a divisional application is made is a matter of national or regional law. As of today, the EPO is understood to require filing a divisional application filed on or after July 1, 2022 in the new ST.26 format.

A newly developed global software tool “WIPO Sequence” that enables the preparation amino acid and nucleotide sequence listings according WIPO Standard ST.26 is provided on the WIPO homepage.

More details on the standard WIPO ST.26 may be found under the WIPO and EPO websites.

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