Identifying what needs to be protected

As a business owner or development manager, it can be difficult for you to identify what can or should be protected.

Lavoix offers IP Scan to assist you in identifying innovations to be protected within your R&D teams. With IP Scan, Lavoix simplifies the process of identifying innovations by ensuring that projects are properly protected.

Lavoix professionals spend half a workday assisting the people involved in the project. They will ‘scan’ it through a rigorous process and identify three inventions.

This analysis allows the identification of patentable subject matter, identifying the closest prior art and the technical problem solved for each subject matter.

Each innovation is the subject of a summary document setting out:

  • the context of the invention
  • the problem posed by the prior art
  • the formulation of a claim idea (with an advantage over the prior art given by the inventor),
  • an evaluation of the invention according to different criteria (patentability, maturity, economic benefit), based on the information provided at the meeting.

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