Manage and control your IP independently

Good day-to-day asset management is a strategic issue. Lavoix has developed innovative IT offers and solutions to support you.

Consulting your portfolio of patents, trademarks, and designs, sending instructions, and time-stamping directly online in a totally secure manner are just some of the things that legal and IP teams can handle each day thanks to Lavoix tools:

  • IP data², a totally secure portal for consulting and managing your IP portfolio online

  • Easystamp, a time-stamping tool that allows you to date all types of documents online and archive them

  • IP Scan, a solution for identifying your innovations to be protected

  • Programme Start-up : A dedicated and competitive offer

  • Premium/Essential: Higher-tier services for foreign filings (starting PCT phases and direct national extensions) and translating them into other languages

  • Training: Training activities on the subject of IP to meet clients’ needs


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