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709, 2023

Tolerating is risky!

Often commented on, the FREE v. FREE SBE decision (Paris Court of Appeal – Pôle 05 ch. 02, January 14, 2022 / n° 20/05019, S. A.S. FREE/S. A.S. FREE SBE) +

2206, 2023

Data protection March-May 2023

This quarterly LAVOIX newsletter presents a selection of legal news in the field of personal data protection for the period of March-May 2023. +

1910, 2022

Infringement of the Protected Geographical Indication COGNAC

The INPI recognizes an infringement of the Protected Geographical Indication COGNAC by a trademark claiming eaux de vie benefiting from the geographical indication "Cognac". The COGNAC appellation is protected as a Protected Geographical Indication +

908, 2022

EPO welcomes Montenegro as new member state

Montenegro accomplished the final step towards acceding to the European Patent Convention on July 15, 2022, and will thus become the 39th member state of the European Patent Organisation from October 1st, 2022. 1. +


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