Drafting and negotiating your IP contracts, securing your licences

A strong IP strategy entails secure, negotiated contracts and commercial agreements to maintain market share and protect against competitors.

In order to anticipate possible litigation, to protect yourself from infringement while allowing yourself to develop your business and commercial partners, it is necessary to properly draft and negotiate all contractual aspects related to your IP.

Lavoix supports you in:

  • Drafting and negotiating all types of IP-related commercial agreements and contracts
  • Drafting and negotiating your assignment and licence agreements

  • Drafting and negotiating your transfers of know-how, business secrets, or technical or personal data

  • Drafting and negotiating your confidentiality agreements, research and development agreements, consortium agreements, and IT agreements of all kinds

  • Legal audits to support the growth of your business (due diligence, external growth, fund raising)

  • Appraising your portfolios

  • Assessing possible damages before proceedings

  • Drafting and negotiating your memoranda of understanding, particularly in the context of mediation

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