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As part of its growth strategy, Lavoix is constantly looking for new talent to join its teams of IP professionals in France, Germany and Italy.

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Response to asterisked questions is compulsory, and failure to do so may adversely affect the fate of your application. Response to non-asterisked replies is optional and will not affect the treatment of your application. To comply with French employment law, we are obliged to inform you that our recruitment procedure comprises one or more personal interviews. We inform you that the data collected will be treated confidentially and securely, for the purposes of managing recruitment at Lavoix. We will save the data you provide in digital form for a maximum of three months after our last contact with you. This data is confidential. It will be used strictly for internal purposes and only authorised employees of the firm will have access to it. We remind you that you can access your information, have it corrected or have it deleted. If you wish to do so, please contact