Today, April 14, is World Quantum Day!

This day aims at promoting quantum technologies worldwide.

Quantum computing is, in fact, revolutionizing the possibilities of calculation in various fields of application, for example the modelling of molecules in chemistry, the prediction of logistical flows or cyber security.

This revolution can also be seen in the world of patents, with a growing number of filings in this field.

These filings relate in particular to:

  • quantum computers and other quantum devices that can be protected by patents as devices, as would have been the case for a conventional computer.
  • algorithms executable in connection with a quantum computer, which are, in turn, patentable in the same way as classical algorithms.

At LAVOIX, we support quantum technology actors in protecting their innovations with a team dedicated to this topic.

Do you have a question about these aspects? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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