The fees and expenses as revised by the EPO are binding on payments made on or after 1 April 2023.

This adjustment comes only one year after the last fee adjustment of 1 April 2022. In the past, the EPO used to adapt the official fees every two years.

The filing fee, the additional page fee, the search fee, and the designation fee have been increased by approx. 5%. It may be advisable to enter the regional phase before the EPO before 1 April 2023 to avoid the increased fees.

Other fees, which have been increased by approx. 5%, are the additional divisional fee, the renewal fee, the examination fee, the grant fee, the opposition fee, or the appeal fee.

More details on the EPO’s adjusted official fees may be found under and

If you have questions with regard to the revised EPO fees, please contact LAVOIX Munich.

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