Provide proof of dates for your documents

A reliable solution, instead of the traditional forms of evidence used such as the sealed envelope.

Easystamp makes it possible to date an electronic document (article, publication, technical files, plan, etc.) and to preserve it over time to constitute proof of when it was created. Easystamp uses the same time-stamping authority as the INPI, the French tax authorities, and many other agencies.

  • Associating a date certain to a document
  • Keeping proof of priority in your portfolio
  • Handle matters on your own from any computer

Easystamp is accessible via IP data², our fully secure extranet.

Simple features

  • Uploading documents directly into IP data². A timestamp token is automatically generated with the precise date and time of your timestamp.

  • All types of formats (.doc, .pdf, .msg, .zip, etc.) are accepted up to 45 MB
  • A search interface for all time-stamped documents based the associated additional information (author(s), inventor(s), abstract, etc.).

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